waterproofing torontoWaterproofing is the process of making a home and basement waterproof or water-resistant. Unlike most companies, Kingpin offers custom solutions as we understand that not all basements are the same, thus we do not apply a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Our waterproofing is carried out by trained professionals with extensive engineering experience.

Water leaking into a house or basement is one of the most troublesome problems a home owner can have. No matter what type of foundation your house is built on – brick, stone, concrete, etc. – a leaky basement can cause serious damage and result in foundation problems, mold, bad smells and interior damage.

Why Waterproofing is Important

Most home owners do not realize that a leaking basement is a serious problem that requires immediate repair, no matter how small the leak may appear. If the basement is leaking or cracks begin to form, the entire home structure is a risk. Waterproofing your basement will ensure that your investment is protected by fortifying your home against any possible water leakage and damage.

Kingpin’s Waterproofing Services

Kingpin Specialized is a basement renovation company. We specialize in waterproofing. The services we offer include:

  • waterproofing your basement to stop water leakage and protect from water damage
  • exterior and interior waterproofing
  • installation of weeping tile or similar solutions
  • installation of drainage systems
  • installation of various pumping systems
  • underpinning your basement
  • foundation repair and foundation forming
  • At Kingpin, we leverage the latest techniques using state-of-the-art equipment. This enables us to deliver a high-end renovation that is quick, efficient and perfect the first time. Our team can complete projects of any size and complexity. Whether you require our services for safety, convenience or to improve your space, our waterproofing services are a valuable investment for any home owner.