toronto underpinning Underpinning, also referred to as basement lowering, is the process of improving the foundation of an existing home. Foundations are enhanced through stabilization and strengthening. Most homeowners request underpinning to increase the size of the basement, essentially to make the space more liveable. The most common other reasons are due to the original foundation not being strong or stable enough or because the home has changed structurally.

How Underpinning Works

Underpinning is achieved by extending the depth of the foundation so that it either distributes the structure’s load across a greater area or rests on more supportive soil. The whole process requires a professional understanding of how the structure is currently supporting the load and how that load can be better supported using professional methods.

Kingpin’s Underpinning Services

Kingpin Specialized is a basement renovation company. We specialize in basement lowering through the process of underpinning. Our services will benefit you in many ways, including:

  • increasing the liveable space in your basement
  • strengthening and stabilizing the foundation
  • improve the electrical and plumbing
  • waterproofing your home and basement
  • foundation repair and foundation forming
  • energy savings and more comfortability with a concrete floor
  • At Kingpin, we leverage the latest techniques using state-of-the-art equipment. This enables us to deliver a high-end renovation that is quick, efficient and perfect the first time. Our team can complete projects of any size and complexity. Whether you require our services for safety, convenience or to improve the liveable area of your basement, our underpinning services are a valuable investment for any home owner.